Friday, August 1, 2014

Blog is moving to wordpress site

The Sunshine Coast site has been rebuilt with Jupiter wordpress theme. This blog will no longer create any new content so thanks for following us here. We'll leave up the blog for awhile in case some one finds something interesting here.

Lots of info on our Sunshine Coast artists, art resources, arts festivals and youtube videos.

Come and visit our gorgeous new site. It's very stylish, very informative and beautifully designed in responsive web design so it can be viewed on all devices and screens.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Wordpress vs Blogger

Hi folks,
As you can see, we've lost many lovely images that used to appear here. At some point in the future, I might change the Sunshine Coast Artists website over to a wordpress platform and then the blog will be incorporated right into it.

BUT! This won't happen for awhile as I am more invested in my Figurative Artist website and my own personal artwork, and changing my personal website over to wordpress. I also put a lot of volunteer time into supporting the GPAG Board in several capacities including helping Topshelf Creative with a new site redesign.

I know this blog is withering on the vine and these are the reasons why. We'll see what comes of it as 2014 rolls along...

Have a wonderful year everyone! I'm busy at work in oils and in water media on a series from the Nutcracker ballet put on in Sechelt each year. My art juices are flowing in my own studio and I sincerely hope yours are too.

Your art pal on the Coast-
XXX Paula

Friday, January 3, 2014

Sorry, images seem to be missing

Hi folks. I just popped into change the date on the blog and I see that many images are missing. Darn it! I'll look into it and see if I can make them reappear...

Wordpress is SUCH a better blogging platform than Blogger... grrrr....

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Gibsons School of Arts Summer 2014, painting workshops

2014 Workshops 

July 7 - 11 Blu Smith Visual language in abstract

This workshop will focus on developing a visual abstract language and creating a framework to build exciting and expressive abstract works. As in all painting, the basic building blocks are just as important in abstract art. Color, composition, line work, light and texture will all be explored and applied. An emphasis on developing an individual unique approach will be nurtured through experimentation and proven techniques. This course will include group and individual feedback with daily demonstrations and engaging discussions.

July 14-18 Barrie Chadwick Acrylics for those who love it

This 5-day workshop is for people who have tried acrylics and like them, but want to improve their skills in this medium. The first day will start with an outline of the advantages and disadvantages of acrylics and Barrie will demonstrate the points he makes by doing a small painting. He will set up some of his own finished paintings for the class to study in detail, and will explain how the paints and brushes are used to produce the finished effects.

July 28 - Aug 1 Richard Robinson Plein Air landscapes

Join New Zealand artist Richard Robinson for an intensive plein air painting workshop. You'll learn about finding your deep inspiration, orchestrating a scene rather than copying blindly, taking hints from nature, playing with light effects and creating mystery, balancing colour with greys, the art of brushwork and the importance of paint texture, the joy of working alongside other painters, all while painting on location, paying homage to our beautiful planet.

Aug 4 - 8 Jeanne Krabbendam Painting explorations in acrylics & mixed media

This acrylic and mixed media course brings you a wide range of exciting mixed media painting techniques and ideas. This is for everyone who wants to learn in a short time a ton of new techniques. This course is for anybody: people who have never touched a brush, or those who have and want to incorporate mixed media in their art work. The course includes lots of information and hands-on exercises while we will explore paints, textures, glazes, gels, lifting techniques, cheese cloth, transfers, collage, papers and much more!

Aug 11 - 15 Tanya Bone Simplicity in the process of painting the still life

Workshop will be on the beauty of simplicity and color harmony within the process of painting the still life in oils. Students will be taught how simple objects are made transcendent by exquisite stagecraft and technique from the inception of an idea to the completion of a painting. Students will paint from their own set ups. We will approach our paintings alla prima in a painterly manner, shedding the linear approach and centering our attention on form. Students will study the process of developing their paintings by utilizing and learning how to emphasize and build upon their own concept, in a step by step approach including: evaluating inspiration, selection of subject matter, set-up and design, lighting and composition, value, harmonious color and temperature.

Aug 25 - 29 Greta Guzek Bold Colour, Strong Design

In this workshop students will be encouraged to experiment with bold colour relationships and strong design. This is intended to be a stress-free pleasure in learning and advancing your painting skills. The first two days will start with a demonstration followed by a painting exercise. The next three days will be dedicated towards finishing a painting or two, applying the principles learned. Each day will end with a group discussion.

Full info on Gibsons School of the Arts

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fabric workshops at the Yurts

Greetings – last call to take advantage of this opportunity to work with Jennifer Love and add wonderful colour to your life!
To register, please call (604-883-2380) or email to reserve a space for either of these workshops.

Colour Play:
Low Immersion Dyeing with Fibre Reactive Dyes
Teacher: Jennifer Love

Sat & Sun – Oct 26/27; 10am to 4pm
$180.00 + GST; Materials fee tba

Learn how to create your own hand-dyed fabrics using various colour combinations in fibre-reactive dyes, blending them with different proportions and techniques. The small amount of water used makes these techniques possible even in restricted circumstances – anyone can do this!

On Day 1 we will cover the technique of two-colour gradation dyeing – we’ll use large glass jars or zip-lock bags and end up with a range of 9 fabrics that all work well together.

On Day 2 we will experiment with simple methods of layering,  clamping, binding and manipulating fabric to create visually complex fabric, using wide-bottomed trays and basins. You will leave with a range of wonderful fabrics to use in your next quilt or fibre art project. No experience required.


Colour Impressions:
Procion MX Printing and Painting
Teacher: Jennifer Love

Sat & Sun – Nov 16/17; 10am to 4pm
$180.00 + GST; Materials fee tba

Jennifer will introduce you to some of the fun techniques she uses when printing and painting fabric with thickened fibre reactive dyes. Painting with squeeze bootles, printing with rollers & brushes, blockprinting, screenprinting, impression printing and more – this will be a good introduction to the many and varied methods for mark making on fabric. Some previous experience with dyes useful but not mandatory.

See you at the yurts!
Fibreworks Studio & Gallery
12887 Sunshine Coast Highway
Madeira Park, BC V0N 2H0

Monday, September 30, 2013

Art Crawl 2013

Now in its fourth year, the 2013 Sunshine Coast Art Crawl will have 122 artist studios and galleries from Langdale to Lund, representing over 300 artists. 

Events start Friday evening October 18 and continue to Sunday evening October 20.

Pick up your Art Crawl brochure/map and passport at local Info Centres, Sunshine Coast Credit Unions or any participating venue.

View at and let the incredible art adventure begin. Meet our artists, visit their studios, admire their work and take part in the Universe that creates such unique and inspirational creativity. 

Take Part in this year's Art Auction at

Friday, August 16, 2013

Art buying scams, how to spot them

I got this email this morning-
Hi Paula, I believe I have been subjected to a scam via your site. I received an email from one Thomas Map offering to buy two drawings. I believe that the person was just after my bank details. The email came from Lagos Nigeria and the person firstly went to my 'information' page to get my email then went on to just one gallery page and chose two drawings to nominate. Have you had any other reports from your artists?
Susan Williams
Apparently Smart Detective Susan above could see that the email came from Nigeria, info below from Susan. That seems to be an excellent place to start to examine a long distance request from.

Hi again Paula, I'm pleased you can warn other people. The info I have on him comes from my web stats and is as follows:
location: Lagos, Nigeria
IP address: Visafone (
browser : Chrome 28.0 O.S. Windows 8

I use STATCOUNTER for my analytics. He obviously just went straight on to my info page, got my email then used his own email to contact me so I was able to reply to him directly. It's a shame this man didn't have a website from which he operated because then all you have to do is to go onto WHOIS and you can find out who registered the domain name, their address and telephone number and lots of other info about who they are and their operations.  

In the past when people have set up websites which try to rip off artists I have given them a good fright by writing directly to their home address. One gallery in London (Brick Lane Gallery) is a real rip off company and I was able to find out loads about their businesses  and reported them to the Inland Revenue who were very interested in them. 

One woman in New York set up a website to try to get artists to pay her to exhibit online with them (and supposedly in their physical gallery of which there was a picture) and I was able to find out that the 'gallery' was an office which she had rented in Manhattan for the afternoon. I went on to Google Earth, found the building and so got on to the  managers of the property who readily gave me the info on who rents the spaces and for how long. 

I would similarly like to give this Thomas his come uppance as I'm really tired of people trying to exploit artists who have a tough enough time anyway!
I'm very pleased you are doing your blog.
Best Sue.
The dramatic painting by David Dalla Venezia above represents our frustration really well! Grrrrrrrr!!!!

Unfortunately the person purporting to be Thomas Map from Glasgow seems to be a scam artist. He emailed me last week and we went back and forth in several emails but when I kept asking him how he had come across my site, what other artists he had bought similar work from that I could check with about they purchasing experience, he of course terminated our emails.

Saying he was in Glasgow, I offered him the option to mail a check to a British friend or to pay with Pay Pal, which he declined.

Please be careful and vigilant with any and all requests from long distance buyers of your works. Request secure payment form and make sure it clears before mailing anything. There are many great legitimate buyers out there but unfortunately many scam artists out there too.

When I asked others about their experiences with long distance buyers they shared these interesting and useful responses:

Kez - Hi Paula, I have used paypal through Etsy for years now. I have also sold ceramics in Norway through Paypal. Remember to estimate your shipping through the Canada Post site and allow for very good packaging. Your client should not have a problem with paying, it clearing, etc.

Cindy - I have sold my work via PayPal, moneybookers, bank transfer and through Saatchi online. I have yet to have a problem and have sold dozens of pieces overseas from England to Kuwait.
P.S. It has been my experience that most international inquiries are genuine. The cons are rather easy to spot. I'd say 35-40% of my sales are international.

Leah - I have clients in the US & Australia Paula and I simply invoice them through Paypal and it works like a charm. There is of course the fees but very reasonable. They also have the option of disputing the payment within a certain time frame which may give them comfort in knowing that they do have some recourse - whether it actually works or not - to come back to you if you do not give them the art work (Not that you are going to do that but something to consider on their end of it)

Scott - Bank drafts and money orders can be faked and usually you do not know till they fail to clear, some times 30 days after you have deposited them. Of course this is not always the case, many people are honest : )

Kathy - i have used paypal for several is a wonderful & secure i once ordered shoes online, which never came, and i submitted a report (easily) and i was credited my money back!! i would definitely recommend!... i also do etransfers through email..... very handy!

Stephen - Yes Paypal, used it many times when selling art domestically and abroad, the fee stings a bit, but secure at least.

Kenneth - Paypal is the way to go. It was set up to do just that.

Katie - Paypal does work. I always stipulate that shipping, insurance are buyer's responsibility & must be prepaid along w/ the purchase price for the item. I never accept any credit card, western union or bank tsf payments. I also think most international requests are scams. Usually the english is grammatically flawed & I take that to mean it's a scam. Paypal is good because u never need to give out any info. & if a pp notice is genuine u can tell by how it's worded.

Good luck all and keep up your detective skills! Artist Sue Rubira above.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Michael Abraham, Evergreen Cultural Centre

Michael Abraham, Red Carpet
Michael Abraham: Apologues
Art Gallery at Evergreen Cultural Centre
Coquitlam BC – Jul 20-Aug 31, 2013
Michael Abraham is a popular Vancouver artist who creates fanciful images in a magic realism style. Formerly represented by the Simon Patrich Gallery for 13 years, he was taken on by Gallery Jones in 2006. After numerous solo exhibitions of Abraham’s work in Vancouver, Apologues is his first public gallery exhibit and a retrospective of his work.

Born in Montreal, Michael Abraham studied first at the Ontario College of Art during the 1980s and subsequently in Florence, Italy. Like an eclectic mix of Rousseau, Dali, Breugel and Bosch, Abraham’s paintings are flavoured by a fairytale sensibility with exaggerated people, fantastic animals, enchanted gardens and mythical landscapes. The surreal qualities of the scenes are emphasized by the vacuous expressions of his subjects – often including himself as model – and their strangely smooth skin and clothes.

Playful at first glance, the bizarre images often carry darker undertones of madness and chaos. Displaying what reviewers have described as “skewed realism,” “enigma and imagination,” and “whimsy, bemusement and contrasting veracity,” the paintings are heavily symbolic and rife with dense allusions to both public life and private reveries. Mia Johnson read more...  
Michael Abraham

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Gallery opening in Upper Gibsons

Hello friends and colleagues. A new Gallery is opening in Upper Gibsons in the former Woods Showcase premises in Sunnycrest Mall. This letter is to let you know that Windows on the Water is seeking interest in investing in their new venture and the livelihoods of many artists.

We need starting capital to create and maintain this unique gallery which will provide employment for five women and revenue for artists to continue producing their amazing work here on the Sunshine Coast. As well the gallery will be providing workshops, music lessons, artist and author talks and other exciting events.

We would appreciate if you would consider supporting us financially. I will be working with them as their financial manager and bookkeeper.

The gallery will be opening on Wed July 24 with a celebration from 6:30 - 9:00 PM with refreshments and nibbles. Please drop by to chat with us and see what's new in the gallery (in the former Woods Showcase premises in Sunnycrest Mall)

For more information, call me at 604-885-5348 or Debra at 778-991-3806.
Sincerely, Windows on the Water
Gail Wilen
Debra French
Christina MacKay
Lee Turnbull

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer textile arts events at FibreWorks

Mark your calendars for the opening of the next exhibition – “Architextiles” by FibreSix – “meet the artists reception” Saturday, June 22 – 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.
Holding Space/Moving Energy continues through to June 16th with Amber Friedman’s silk batik paintings and Erin Hamilton’s coiled sculptures.

Join Amber on Friday, June 7th, beginning 2:00 p.m. for an artist’s lecture – an opportunity to peak with Amber about her passion of colour – particularly the natural extracts from your garden and forest. Amber will be presenting a workshop June 8 & 9 (Sat & Sun) – Nature’s Extracts – natural dyeing with local plants.  Participants will collect local plants and tree bark and learn the techniques to extract dyes from the forest and garden materials.  Amber will provide the materials to dye with the extracts and steam set your “dye paintings” from local plants.  The workshop fee of $275 plus tax includes $75 of supplies to create your nature’s palette.

To register, contact Yvonne at 604-883-2380 or email
The May weaving workshops with Mary Bentley and the wax & dye workshop with Els van Baarle again created lots of energy and colour at FibreWorks – enjoy the images below:

FibreWorks Studio is open to the public – with a variety of spinning/felting fibres and handspun yarns.
Weaver’s Circle continues throughout the summer -- Wednesdays – an opportunity to drop in and work with Mary Bentley as you hone your weaving skills – 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. – bring your lunch and a $10 drop-in fee.

The last Thursday of every month finds the spinners of the Sunshine Coast Spinners and Weavers Guild in FibreWorks studio with a rainbow of fibres and a variety of wheels.  If you are a handspinner (wheel or spindle) or a want to be – join us for a supportive opportunity to explore different spinning techniques and different fibres.  Handknitters and felters and rughookers are also most welcome to join the festivities – 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. – bring a contribution to the potluck lunch table.

There is a sale of Louet dyed fibres (30% off) in Yvonne’s studio – to make room for the local llama and alpaca fibres and handspun yarns.  The Louet dyed fibres include merino, merino & silk, corriedale, soy/wool and bamboo/mohair/wool blends.

Enjoy the spring sunshine and join us at the yurts for a variety of activities – open Wednesdays through Sundays, 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or by appointment (604-883-2380).

FibreWorks Studio & Gallery
12887 Sunshine Coast Hwy, Madeira Park, BC

Monday, May 6, 2013

Antique Corset Exhibition ~ Scandale from Paris

Antique Corsets in Vancouver and in Paris!

Musée Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris is featuring 38 pieces from Melanie's antique corset collection in their amazing exhibition on the history of under fashions:  Behind the Seams. An indiscreet look at the Mechanics of Fashion running 4 July–24 November 2013. Melanie will be in Paris for the opening, and is available to meet if you are there too!

In Vancouver we are excited to present the third annual Antique Corset Exhibition & Historic Fashion show! Come and see this years selection  of the antique corset collection.

We are also busy preparing a stunning collection of silk corsets, matching petticoats and millinery from the Edwardian era. Enjoy a historic fashion show including a dressing sequence demonstrating how the Edwardian woman dressed.

The funds raised at this annual event are for a permanent exhibition space, so that we too can create amazing exhibitions like the one in Paris.

Buy tickets

Lace Embrace Atelier
219 East 16th Avenue

Friday, April 26, 2013

Heather Spears, Drawing, Vision & the Brain

Heather Spears
Presentation & Talk

Wednesday, June 19th
7pm-9 pm

Sunshine Coast Arts Centre,
5714 Medusa at Trail Avenue, Sechelt, BC

Tickets $10 per person
(fundraiser for the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre)
Available at the Arts Centre, Sechelt Visitor’s
Centre and Gaia’s Fair Trade, Gibsons

Heather will launch the new, illustrated edition of her book The Creative Eye: drawing, vision and the brain. The book explores the artist’s vision and asks the fundamental questions about how, and why, art is made. Thoughtful, provocative and filled with hands-on information. The Creative Eye is a fascinating user’s guide to the sources of creativity. Heather will also give a presentation of her drawings, and her book will be available for sale.

To find out more about Heather, visit her website:

Intensive Life Drawing Workshop with Heather Spears

Intensive Life Drawing Workshop
with Heather Spears

June 17th to 19th, 2013

For all levels of experience, from beginners to professional

Monday, June 17th
Tuesday , June 18th
Wednesday, June 19th
9:30am – 4:30pm

Sunshine Coast Arts Centre,
5714 Medusa at Trail Avenue,
Sechelt, BC

 $195 per person includes model fees & supplies
$50 required upon registration.
Register early as space is limited.
Registration forms available on the Sunshine Coast Arts Council website

For more information call the Arts Centre: 604 885 5412
Also visit Heather’s website

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Woods Showcase looking for new ownership

To: All artists, artisans and creative souls of the Sunshine Coast

From: Will Cummer, Sr. and other directors of Woods Showcase Inc.

For the last two years we have enjoyed operating Woods Showcase store at Sunnycrest Mall. We have been heartened by the community's acceptance of the store and by our own success at selling the work of local producers. To date we have taken in almost $700,000 in total sales since opening in May 2011 and we have returned about 75 percent to the community through wages and local sourcing of goods, showing growth even in these trying financial times.

Woods Showcase Inc. is a corporation whose major shareholder is Will Cummer Sr. Due to health problems Will can no longer continue to operate the store. He's seeking a much deserved retirement to pursue his own artistic projects.

We feel there is much room for growth and success. We have a prime location, beautiful presentation and loyal, excellent staff. Many positive comments from visitors and locals praise our customer service.

We want to keep the store alive, improving and growing for the benefit of the Sunshine Coast. Therefore we are looking for someone, or a small group of people, with both an artistic and entrepreneurial spirit to take over. We are certain your investment will come back to you and your community many times over. Thus we are welcoming expressions of interest from prospective buyers and will support the transition, should you be interested in purchasing the assets and continuing to operate the store.

We have advised the landlord of our intention and they have indicated a willingness to assign the balance of the lease for another three years to a qualified party. The landlord is pleased with the store and has been co-operative in helping us achieve our goals.

Community Futures has expressed interest in seeing the store continue and will support the new ownership group, if and when possible, with business development advice, partnerships, referrals and, if needed, low cost financing.

Time is of the essence, so please contact us by e-mail response to or by attending a meeting at 10 a.m. Friday, April 26 at Woods Showcase, Sunnycrest Mall, Gibsons.

Please feel free to share or forward this.