Saturday, February 6, 2010

Some comments on the slideshow...

I received 80 enthusiastic responses to my email announcement of the first Sunshine Coast Artist slideshow and wanted to share some of the most positive comments with you. I did have a couple of spelling mistakes on names, ooops but only 2 I think, phew!

Penny from Colorado writes:
The slide show is very cool. It was so enjoyable that I had to play it several times and have forwarded it to some others. The credits give you ’credit’…congratulations on putting together a great slideshow. You are becoming an all out techie.
The artists whose work appealed to me are:
Yours..of course
Wayne Harjula
Betty Pehme
Davyd Oram
SA Boothroyd
RA Jenzen
Ed Hill
Jana Curll
Suzy Naylor
I wish that I could paint like Suzy or Betty.

Carolyn from Toronto writes:
Great job, Paula! Wow- what a log of artists, and such strong work. Beautiful.

Helena writes:

Holy cow, the slideshow looks great! I checked it out this morning. I'm always amazed at the amount of talent around here.

Duane writes:
Paula awesome job on capturing the varied artists on the coast and doing a great job of the slideshow! I have to confess and be real that a certain community spirit award winning photographer was not included in the presentation even though people have said he is THE very spirit of the Sunshine Coast and the coast's very own famous celebrity like Ellen or Oprah cause he does so much for the community. Oh well. I have favourited it on my youtube channel to help get it out there and will blog it on the body mind spirit sunshine coast facebook page. All the very best, awesome job again on the presentation. Thanks again for sharing it with me.
Duane Burnett Productions

Someone from northern coast:
Thanks for the link to your very well done slideshow of Sunshine Coast artists and crafters. I thoroughly enjoyed it but for a disappointment that, of 120 artists, you included only three from north of Halfmoon Bay.

To which Paula says, "Well, spread the word and we welcome to artists from northern coast".

Peggy writes:
The slideshow is amazing! We do have some wonderful artists. You have done a real service to the artists of this area. Thank you.

Donna writes:
hanks a million paula. you've made a bright and informative production for us artists living and working on the sunshine coast.

Sandra writes:
It is wonderful, I am so impressed,

Kim writes:
I am amazed at all the talent - thanks I will pass this on.

Ian writes:
It's a fabulous video - great to see so much diversity here on the coast -- and the music is outstanding.

Nikita in San Francisco writes:
Thanks Paula, I love all the colors and variety of work. What a wonderfully creative area.

Janet from Vancouver Guild of Fibre Artists writes:
Thanks – I will include a link in my next VGFA newsletter.

Nicolette in Edmonton writes:
Thank you so much for sending that my way! I really enjoyed seeing the coast artwork again. There seems to be so many artists out there that I had not heard of before. Great slide show! I will definitely be showing this to others.

Kirsten in Vancouver writes:
Congratulations. I'm always impressed when artists take initiative and promote themselves. I've made it a goal this year to connect more with customers/clients. People love to connect with artists directly!
I hope you and your creative neighbours have a wonderful and inspiring year.

Dino from Sita's writes:
So many talented people for such a small community. Thank you for sharing.

Joy writes:
What a great slide show. I am proud to be included among such fabulous artists.

GPAG writes:
Paula … this is great
What a lot of work! And worth every hour of it!
I will certainly email it around and I’m trying to get some links up on the gallery website … this is a good one

Jane in Vancouver writes:
This is fabulous!! Thank you for sending it to me, and I will certainly pass it on - congratulations!

Joan writes:
I watched the slide-show last night.

The thought that came to mind was ..... you always hear about how many excellent artists we have on the Coast, and in so many mediums. But, it's not until you see these images, and the quantity (which is just a fraction), that you fully appreciate what the statement means.

Wonderful 'picture' of what the Coast has to offer, artistically speaking :o}

Natalie in Vancouver writes:
Nice work Paula... you're are always up to something inspiring for the arts. Good for you. I had no idea there were so many amazing artists on the coast. I guess that's why you put the piece together.

Kerri writes:
Fabulous, thank you so much for doing this, what a great introduction to what is here on the coast. I have not heard of some of these artists before, nice to see their work.

Janet writes:
Beautiful slide show – what a ton of talent.
I ‘shared’ the show on Facebook.
Nice work.

Edmund writes:
That's awesome Paula! You have done us all very proud. It really is quite the canvas you've painted.

Someone writes:
The 'Slideshow' looks great. Thanks for including my image.
You seem to have so much energy - what's your secret? It's been a very slow past couple years - as far as sales are concerned. I used to sell about 8 to l0 paintings a year - sometimes more when I'd have a show. This past year I only sold 3 pieces. I can't seem to get motivated unless I sell something and honestly, I have so much work and no more space to store it. I'm not very good at selling my paintings but I hope that all this work you're doing on your new artist sites will help. It has motivated me already. Thanks again!

So folks, we did a great job all around!! Three cheers for all of us
Your gal on the keyboard-

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