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Artists’ INfusion Planning Session - March 10th

Artists’ INfusion Planning Session
Sunshine Coast Arts Centre, Wednesday March 10th, 2010, 4-5:30 pm.

A diverse group from many different organizations and associations met at the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre to discuss what is currently happening for creative business on the Coast. It was helpful to meet the other representatives in the room and listen to where everyone was coming from. Lots of different views, initiatives and priorities – the common thread being the passion we have for supporting our creative community and understanding - appreciating how it supports us.

There was a discussion on the even bigger topic of ‘What is art’, who we all are and how we can all work together sharing ideas, collaborating, avoiding duplication, etc. to take creative business on the Coast to the next level. It was decided this topic was likely more suitable for a further meeting, and that we needed this INfusion planning session to remain focused.

We reviewed the idea for a half-day event in May that would bring artists together from across the Sunshine Coast for a day of professional development and networking – no matter what type of artist they are, what association they belong to or where they live.

The key goals for such a day were reviewed as well as a draft Agenda (updated version attached). Some of the notable comments received were:
• The goal of INfusion events are to provide a forum for professional development and networking that is cross-organizational, multi-sector, and participant-driven.
• The purpose of an Artists’ INfusion is to inspire artists to think bigger… to believe in themselves and their richness, to make connections and be willing to take the next step.
• As soon as artists – creative business people – on the Sunshine Coast recognize, accept, and own that they are one of the biggest assets on the Coast… we will truly flourish!
• INfusion is about bringing artists and business professionals together – the people who may be key in helping them move forward. It’s not about trying to turn artists into business people… it’s about encouraging them to focus on their strengths and helping them access people who may be able to help them in areas that are not their strengths.
• In the Fall of 2010, we are planning to merge the business events with the artist events and have one set of INfusion events for all to enjoy!

Infusion events are participant-driven in their content. That means draft Agendas are posted onto a blog for approximately a month prior to the event so participants can provide input, comments and feedback. Online surveys are also distributed prior to events allowing participants to help create and shape the event.

It was requested that the associations and those at the planning session help to get the word out to the artist community by helping to distribute the online survey as well as the link to the draft agenda.

Requesting input and feedback on:

Online Blog:

Online Survey:

To help with your email to your network, here is some draft wording:

“We wanted to let you know about a professional development and networking half-day event for artists from across the Coast that is currently being planned for May. A small group of volunteers led by Event Manager, Charlene SanJenko, have been hard at work and have hosted two business events to date with a third scheduled for April 29th. These events are Coast-wide, cross-organizational and participant-driven. At a recent business event, a local artist suggested a similar type of event would be valuable for artists.

Taking this idea one step further, on March 10th, a group of representatives from the arts community met with Charlene and members of her Events Team and shared our initial thoughts on this type of event for artists. Feedback was collected, and you can now find a Draft Agenda on the CSJ Blog to comment on. Also, an online survey can be found here, and is available to you to complete and provide your input should you so choose.

If you are interested to complete the online survey, we ask that you do so by Tuesday, April 6th so we can continue our planning in preparation for a May event. Thank you.”

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