Friday, May 21, 2010

Miyuki Shinkai show at the Gumboot Cafe

Spring Art Sale Show at the Gumboot Cafe, May 2010

The Show will run till June 6th.  Perhaps, we will have a closing
ceremony  for that day, Tatiana and Joe have to discuss about this with
me, so I will get back to you about the actual date and time.
For anyone who wish's to have a local artists work, see the show.
During this show, almost all my wall pieces are $200!
So affordable, don't think about it, take them home and just enjoy it today.
Your life will be changed forever.

Miyuki Shinkai

Paula writes- I loved this show!!! Wow! $200! I already have about 5 of her pieces but if you don't, get yourself over there with your chequebook soon. they are great and big too. Fantastic value for money and such a delight to live with.

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