Saturday, May 15, 2010

New York Toy Show

On the subject of Ugly Dolls(see post below) here I am at the New York Toy Show, 2007 hugging a massive Ugly Doll. Those guys are so darned cute! Their booth was a double one and just filled with them in a sizes. Too bad no children are allowed there - they would go crazy!!!
These living dolls were pretty cute but can't remember which dolls they were. It was at this trade show that I came across the incredible lifelike dolls made with wax over porcelain by expert doll artist Hildegard Guenzel whose work(below) is featured on the Figurative Artist website. Some of them are life size with human hair and completely lifelike, it's kind of spooky but totally exquisite.
This massive inflatable Spiderman climbed down the atrium of a building. The Toy Show was so interesting and such eye candy. Kidzsmart sent us to the Hong Kong Toy Show and the one in New York, lucky us. In New York, we got to spend 8 greedy houtrs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Such a feast.

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