Sunday, June 27, 2010

Artists and art lovers- send me your stories

If you're an artist or craftsman here on the Sunshine Coast, send me your stories. If you're an art lover and enjoy art on the Sunshine Coast, send me your stories.

What brought you here?
What is your studio like?
What great new sites do you like to visit?
Have you won any awards lately?
Whose work inspires you?

I am finding that Google Alerts bring me all kinds of great stories for my figurative art blog, but there's not too much coming in from that great source for anything to do with Sunshine Coast art. I'm going to have to expand to Vancouver art news to feed this blog which is okay too as we're only a quick 40 minute ferry ride from there.

I'm sure there are good stories and blog-worthy posts out there... so please send some along. Don't make me come over there and hurt you...
(Boat digital image by Bohdi Drope)

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