Sunday, June 20, 2010

Caitlin HIcks performance


Gertie’s Night Out features classic characters from her original theatre work as well as readings from her work-in-progress

On June 25th, The Sunshine Coast Arts Centre will be host to writer/performer Caitlin Hicks, whose work in theatre toured internationally to critical acclaim, was translated to french and adapted to film. Gertie’s Night Out will feature performance/readings of comedic and dramatic characters from her original theatre work, ( excerpted from 4 plays) as well as readings from her works-in-progress.
Hicks’ work is inspired by life, and this collection features the voices of five characters, inspired by their experiences with birth, death, adoption, war, marriage, jam picking and chicken farming. Characters hail from Hicks' theatre pieces: Six Palm Trees, Singing the Bones, Some Kinda Woman!, and The Life We Lived. “I am drawn towards stories that I don't hear often in the mainstream culture.
I enjoy bringing to life personal, pivotal stories which have the kernel of transformation and which connect us all to each other. My characters are somewhat outspoken, not short on telling it like it is.

Part II will feature Hicks reading from her current project, a memoir called "One Man's Family".

Tickets are $12 in advance and $16 at the door and can be picked up in advance, Windsong Gallery in Sechelt (#885-9337). (and probably the other outlets in Gibsons (Gaia #886-7117) and Roberts Creek (Melomania #885-3607)


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