Friday, June 4, 2010

New show at Augusta grill opens this weekend

Augusta Grill’s new owners Sharon Wood and Marius Hartwig, team up with Donna Swain to create new exciting visual experiences for their patrons.  Artistic Event Planner Donna Swain has developed a schedule of opportunities to discover the many artists who may or do not currently have the opportunity to show their work in our current fine art galleries on the Sunshine Coast.  The search is on to support and show artists who work in expressionism, semi-abstraction, and abstraction presented in large formats.  This unique venue provides large  walls to feature big work creating opportunities  to feature all levels of artists including a section to showcase novice artists who have unique skill.  

August Grill celebrates one of the first artistic events on June 5th 4:00 -7:00pm, featuring two Sunshine Coast artists Penny Spencer and Donna Stewart who  work in expressionism and abstraction.                              

Penny Spencer received her B.F.A. at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University, and has spent years working and exhibiting in the Yukon Territories. Her work is a “description of the layering of colours and textures that make up light and reflections” which confidently translates   in her current Marina series.  Since moving here to the coast a year ago, she is consistently at her easel at every opportunity.  Penny’s disciplined method of paint application and choice of palette, yields paintings that vibrate with life.                   

Donna Stewart has lived on the coast for 10 years. Many of you may know her from work, or from cheering at the sidelines of a soccer game, but did you know she is a painter?   Donna is a self taught artist motivated by a deep desire to express herself by her instinct.  Capturing the creative spirit through experimentation is her favourite form of expression.  Donna’s  growth  process is to be admired for the  focus on maintaining her own true voice.  Her choice of colors, use of textures and design draw you into her paintings 

Penny Spencer and Donna Stewart both chose to experience life as painters from different paths.  In this presentation of work together it is evident they share the commitment to their inner passion. 

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