Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Raw Canvas, open art studio and hip cafe

Stumbled upon this happening little place in Vancouver last week. Located in Yaletown at 1046 Hamilton Street, it features a scrumptious cafe in the front and then the back half is an open studio where people pay for canvas size of choice and then just go at it with all the paints, easels, brushes, scrapers etc that they include in the fee.

What a fantastic concept!! It's a great way for regular people who may just want to create one or two paintings for their own place to have access to all those colors and materials without having buy all of them individually... which adds up, doesn't it.

They host team building events and all manner of art parties. Check it out for your next office event and make it a memorable one. Your staff will thank you. Makes a great gift too plus it looked like just toooo much FUN!

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