Monday, July 19, 2010

Duane Burnett, a major networker on Sunshine Coast

Laurie McConnell wrote:
Duane Burnett is a “community spirit” award winning local photographer, photo journalist, social networker, TV host and actor who’s images have been seen extensively on the Sunshine Coast and around the world in numerous newspapers, websites, brochures, map guides, magazines and before the movie at the community theatre. Duane now has a popular social media network on facebook, twitter and youtube. The Sunshine Coast has commented that Duane’s photography captures the “essence and spirit” of the natural world and community; that he is a community leader “extraordinaire,” “absolutely fabulous;” “bloody marvelous;” “magic;” and “a credit to our community.”

Though his scenic and nature photography is stunning, Duane is especially known for his ability to work with people. Whether he is shooting a wedding, a political event, visitors enjoying the community, the arts, business… Duane brings out that special something in his shots of people that is unique to his work. He is part artist, creative director, tour guide, set director and entertainer. You’re guaranteed to have fun whenever he is present.

If you are looking for photos of the Sunshine Coast, Duane has thousands available as prints, cards, calendars or stock imagery. You can visit his full online gallery at Flickr.

Look for Duane on Blogsot, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Twitter!

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  1. Thanks Paula so much for this blog article. Greatly appreciated. Very kind of you! HUGS Duane <3