Monday, July 12, 2010

Greg Lightbourn photography in summer ZOOM

Greg Lightbourn is also featured in the summer issue of ZOOM and his photography can be seen on this Facebook page. He's got some lovely things there, from people and pets to action and nature, It would be great to have his join us on the Sunshine Coast Artist site.


  1. Hello Greg Lightbourn,
    I am very impressed with your sunflower photo in the sept/oct issue of zoom. Did you take it outside in natural light? I have enjoyed taking pictures around my garden this summer. I am not sure if I will hear back from you or anyone else. My e-mail is

  2. Weren't they gorgeous!! You might try to reach him at his facebook page What program do you use for photo management? Do you use keywords? I use Adobe Bridge and also Picasa when on the fly or to mentor others with who don't have bigger more professional programs. My Bridge came with my Photoshop.