Sunday, July 4, 2010

Star Portraits on Bravo channel, very interesting art show

I am enjoying the TV show Star Portraits even more I think on the 2nd viewing. I have them on series record on my TV and although I think I have seen all the episodes, they are even better 2nd time around. I have made connections with many of the artists and feature several on my figurative artist site and so it's nice to see them as real people and real artists struggling with their 2 week task of creating a portrait of a Canadian celebrity. You can probably also see it online if you don't get Bravo channel or if the series is not currently playing.

Daniel Hughes, left and Laurie McGaw, right are some of the artists included and were on the same episode when they painted figure skater and martial arts expert, Elvis Stojko. many mediums are explored over the differnt show including, wait for it, BUBBLE GUM! That one was actually very surprisingly interesting, with Pamela Wallin as the subject and I think she actually selected that one to keep for herself.

Anyone have any other art programs they would like to bring to our attention?

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