Saturday, August 7, 2010

13 new artists added to Sunshine Coast artist directory

I've just updated the site navigation and added 13 new artists to the Sunshine Coast artist directory. I also finally met in  person Rick Harmer and Autumn Skye Morrison over at Comox's Filberg Festival. It's nice to finally meet people I've been chatting with online. I met another very good Sechelt artist there too who I had never come across. Brett Varney travels a lot doing fairs, many of them in the States and so seems to be unknown of the Coast. It would be really great to get the word our about this directory of Sunshine Coast artists so that we can at least be aware of each other and maybe start to make new local connections in the Coast art scene. If you enjoy this blog and the site, please pass it on to anyone you think may enjoy it.

Newly added to the web page are:
Nicolas Meyer, fine wood furniture
Chris Motloch, molton glass
Robert Vincent, carved wood and bone jewelry
Meghan Hildebrand, painting
Elizabeth A. Evans, painting
Sheila Page, painting
Autmn Skye Morrison, painting
Gigi Hoeller, painting
Frank Levine, painting
Duane Burnett, photography
Greg Lightbourn photography
Diane Baron, Paverpol textile sculpture
Jim Harding, carved wood sculpture

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  1. Thanks so much Paula for all you do. U are doing an amazing job. I think I have become a social media artist now too! :-))