Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Life drawing on the Sunshine Coast

I just met a few people a couple of weeks ago at the volunteer tea at the Sechelt Art Centre who didn't know that there were life drawing sessions up here. Just in case there are more of you out there keen of joining life drawing, let me tell you what fine groups we have up here on the Sunshine Coast.

In Gibsons, a group meets every Thursday evening at Granthams Hall from 7 - 9:30 pm. Marleen Vermeullen runs this group. Just bring your papers, drawing things and a drawing board and most people seem to sit at a chair and use another chair in front of them to lean board against. As this is an evening class, artificial light is used and the model is on a draped stage. I've only been to this group once, very nice set up and they play music.

I go to the Sechelt group which meets every Tuesday from 10 am to 1 pm at the Doris Crowston Gallery, also known as the Sechelt Art Centre. The model is bathed in natural light from a huge skylight above and models in 360 degrees. There are standing easels provided and chairs so you can sit or stand easily. Get there in time to help set up and meet some others. At 11:30 there's a half hour break and some of us pop next door to the Senior's Center and get some soup or a sandwich for a quick lunch. Others bring their own snacks/lunch and just stay in the art center for the break. After the  break, we have 2 half hour poses. I like to draw on kraft paper so I can draw in the lights as well as the darks. Bring your won drawing board, papers of choice and anything you might want to draw with. See you there!

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