Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sechelt Art Centre appeal for volunteers

Sheila Page writes-
Greetings to Friends of the Arts,
Please mark your calendars for the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. On October 12 from 2-4 your presence is requested in the Doris Crowston Gallery in Sechelt for a special event. This event is one part of a three pronged initiative to celebrate and expand the support for the Arts Council on the Sunshine Coast.

As you all know an organization the size of the Arts Council requires financing, administration and volunteers. Plans are afoot to address issues confronting the financing and administration of the Arts Council. I have chosen to put some effort into strengthening the network of volunteers.

On Tuesday October 12 I am inviting all present volunteers as well as a large number of past volunteers and, I hope, some new volunteers to meet for coffee, tea and sweets. I have asked a number of past volunteers to speak very briefly about their years of volunteering. You will be amazed at their talents and dedication! They have offered to serve as mentors for present and future Arts Council volunteers because there are very few of us who can or want to do it alone. We can expand our vision of what is possible at the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre and support each other in making it a vibrant place rich with connections to the larger cultural community.

Please contact Sheila Page to let me know that you will be part of the Arts Action Network gathering on October 12. If you really want to make my day tell me that you will bring along a friend. There is no obligation for your friend to volunteer at this time but we would love to meet some more supporters of the arts and perhaps he or she will decide to join our network.

Thank you for keeping our community a culturally rich place to live.

Sheila Page
Current coordinator of gallery attendants
Sunshine Coast Arts Council

Paula writes - It's unfortunate that the gallery changed it's name a few years back because some people still don't know where the Doris Crowston Gallery is in Sechelt. It's the log building at Trail and Medusa opposite Hackett Park, used to be known as Sunshine Coast Art Centre. They have great shows, lectures, classes, concerts, readings are need our support so hope to see you there. I've volunteered there in the past and it's fun and so worthwhile. Currently, my volunteering to the arts community is happening online with my 2 large artist network sites, www.sunshinecoastartists.org and www.figurativeartist.org. and they pretty much take all my volunteer time but I really hope that you will consider putting in some time at this very valuable resource for things artistic on our lovely Sunshine Coast. With all the funding cuts, we can't allow it to fail because of single employee and tired volunteer burn out. See you next Tuesday!

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