Friday, October 15, 2010

Summary of Volunteer Gathering at Sunshine Coast Arts Centre

Summary of the Gathering at the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre October 12 2010, by Sheila Page

I am sending this summary out to all who attended as well as to a number of people who want to support volunteerism in arts and culture but who were not able to attend on October 12.

I organized the event to connect members of the arts and culture community at a time when the arts in general and the Sunshine Coast Arts Council in particular are under stress due to cuts in funding. I hope that all of the long time Arts Council volunteers that were present felt recognized and appreciated for your continuing contributions. It was a pleasure seeing the welcome you gave the new members of the arts and culture community and the connections that were renewed with old friends.

Experienced volunteers offered information on nine programs or areas of need. The sign up sheets indicate that about half a dozen people are interested in contributing to each of the Visual Arts, Special Events, Welcoming Activities and the Garden. The areas of Clerical, Literary and the Board of Directors attracted some support. Fundraising and Building Maintenance did not receive any interest.

Attendance 40, Volunteers signing up for tasks 17, Tasks taken on 25.

Here are the comments recorded under the question “How can all of us here today work to support arts and culture on the Sunshine Coast through the Sunshine Coast Arts Council?”

5 comments recommending partnerships with other artists or organizations to share resources, advertising, marketing or appointing a single arts and cultural coordinator for the coast.

2 comments recommending changes to the Arts Centre; a computer at the front desk and sales from glass case.

2 suggestions about events; more for “under fifties” and film fest for local filmmakers.

I will follow up this event by contacting the volunteers individually and by their interest groups. The contact information will go into the Arts Council data base. Regretfully I will not be able to act as a contact person for all volunteers. ( I will continue to coordinate the gallery attendants.) After I send each group contact information each person will need to take responsibility for communicating within their interest groups, with the board and the Executive Director Frances Wasserlein in order to make arts and cultural lively and vital in our community.

Thank you again for your attendance and contribution.

Sheila Page

Paula writes- I mentor Frances with the database, help with some jurying, go to weekly life drawing there, visit shows, have done gallery sitting. Come and join us, it's a great place to be part of and needs our help after Coast-wide funding for arts was cut from over $70,000 to under $700 for the entire Coast. Yes, you read that right, $700 divided between several groups up and down the Coast. Gee, buy an ink refill for a printer and then you're on your own? Harsh change. I plan to add a film making section to the Sunshine Coast artist network web site. Any film makers out there wish to join us? Animation people? Web design experts? We welcome new joiners.

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