Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Janna Maria, textile artist

Janna Maria is textile artist who used to live in Gibsons, used to be known as Janna Nygren. She's done her 2 years at cap College in Textiles and is currently in Montreal at Concordia continuing her studies in textiles.

Check out her nice site, blog and Etsy sites- http://www.jannamaria.com

Her statement-
As a fibre-based artist I am constantly drawn to the history behind my materials and work with both the ambiguity and profundity that these histories offer. The medium itself is often the guiding force as I approach ideas of how human authenticity is realized through one's surroundings and interpersonal relationships. My contribution to Hung Up stems from a desire to define my own inspiration in contrast to having one supplied by the media. I have repeated a single image across mediums to demonstrate the obsessive behaviour that inspiration can bring. My hope is to find a deeper and more meaningful way of experiencing my surroundings, with the consequence of altering the manner in which I engage with it and the people within it.

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