Thursday, November 11, 2010

Unwind, knit & fibre lounge in Gibsons

There's cool new place to hang out in Gibsons. Unwind is just behind Carola's Quilting Shop on the highway just before you enter Gibsons from Sechelt. They have a nice selection of yarns and fibres and cozy chairs to hang out in. They offer classes and yarns that are a bit different from Sew Easy's great selection up in Sechelt.

Drop in for a Knitting Social Tuesdays 1-5 and Friday night Knit Night until 9. Sounds like fun! They were very helpful to me when I when there recently with a nice skein of gray alpaca wool my sister-in-law gave my son. I had no idea what to do with it as I started to unwind it. I brought it in and of course they knew just what to do. they popped it on the unwinding thingamajig and wound me up a nice ball of it in a snap. Many thanks!

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