Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sarah Lipi, videographer, digital artist

The other day, I was sitting outside Starbucks in Gibsons when  very cute young mum with big red glasses asked me if I was Pow-la. I had to admit I was and off we went chatting away. Mudito Drope had told her about me and our site and she was very enthusiastic about it all. She gave me her card which was the cutest little slice of 1 x 2 inch paper I've been handed in a  long while. Here's her very charming little video Green Wool Socks. Check out her site Sarah Lipi, videography, digital imagery and more, a nice Brazilian addition to the Coast.


  1. It was really great to meet you Paula! thank you so much for the "cute young mum"!!! I'll definitely give you a call some time so we can have some tea or coffee together! Thank you so much for posting the video! you definitely rock!


  2. Thanks Sarah. I met a friend of yours in a hotel lobby in Seattle, did she tell you? Maybe your sister-in-law, can't recall. Was there to see the Picasso show. Small world, had the whole breakfast room of maybe 10 talking art, was amazing. See you sometime before the next ice age. Cheers! Paula