Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jan Poynter visits Haida Gwaii

Hello folks,
A quick to note to give you the link to follow my Blog/Journal to see my trip to Haida Gwaii July 4 -28. A community project for the Village of Queen Charlotte, I did a public art "street" ulility box painting, and teaching art workshops and plein air. My first time in the "Charlottes".

Congratulations to the winner of the Haida Gwaii Artist-in-residence Sponsorship Draw ! Mary Bland (dentist) will recieve her choice of an 8x10 original painting and a big shout out thanks to ALL those who contributed. (paint supplies and gas money)

I have launched my new Website - so check out the portfolios and projects

I am building most of the site myself (after the fabulous Wordpress theme work by Kellie Bonnici of KEBO )so be patient...if you come across strange empty pages or unrelated photos - think of if as a work in progress ;-)

hoping the fine weather will stay for you to enjoy...finally

POYNTER STUDIO fine art & illustration


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