Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Suzanne Northcott June 25-29

Suzanne Northcott
June 25-29  $475
Abstraction with Acrylic and Mixed Media
In this workshop Suzanne will work with painters who are using abstraction or interested in moving in that direction.
Various approaches to abstraction will be considered and the power of surfaces and symbols explored. Discussions and demos will cover building surfaces, brushwork, figure/ground relationship composition and personal expression. Students may choose to integrate drawing media or image transfer into their work and this will be discussed in the classroom as well. Expect to be challenged, to be brave, to have fun.
Visit Gibsons School of the Arts website for the artists bios and details on registration as well as a mail in registration form. Details such as location, payment options and accommodation may also be found on the website.

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