Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Una Bachinski's inspirations

Travel has always figured prominently in my development as an artist.  Recently I made a trip to New York City to get a dose of inspiration.  On the first day, I got what I came for - a wonderful retrospective of Willem de Kooning.  Here are two of the pieces I did upon my return ("Pink Bubble Light" and "Tracts Of Land").

Music has also played a major factor in my creative process, especially since being with my partner ZoD Gaudette, a very talented composer and musician.  His pieces have inspired me to embody a greater sense of flow and rhythm in my work.

I have a new web site (another wordpress site, using Elegant Themes) that I recently created. So now I have one for my art ( ) and one for my jewelry ( ) - the jewelry one I'm currently in the process of redoing but the web site address is still the same.

Una Bachinski 

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