Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Decorate a birdhouse for Botanical Garden Gala

Upcoming Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden Gala
... An Interesting Change for Artists

The Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden Society is putting on its 4th Annual Gala Dinner and Auction on January 28, 2012 to raise funds for the ongoing development of the 40 acre garden on Mason Road, west of Sechelt.

Thanks to such a supportive community, including Sunshine Coast artists, the garden is growing at a great rate. In just a few short years the land has been bought, trails built, wiring, plumbing, fencing, parking lot put in, volunteer building renovated, seniors' and vegetable garden established, the landscape plan designed and the beautiful Sparling Pavilion completed and put to public use for weddings, meetings, art shows, education and celebrations of all kinds. The Society is now working to develop its garden areas.

Many local artists have donated their work to the previous 3 Gala Auctions. Our planning committee and our auctioneer, Ed Hill, are aware of how many art auctions there are on the Sunshine Coast and how many of you are asked to donate over and over again. So, we have decided to do something different for this year's Gala. .

The theme for this year's Gala is A Garden of Fantasy, featuring a variety of birds and greenery....and birdhouses.

A team of carpenters are creating 20 simple, plywood birdhouses that are 8” square by 16” tall, 20” at the peak of the double pitched roof, sitting on a plywood base that is 12” by 12”. There are two holes on the front, and one on the back. A photograph is attached. We are inviting interested local artists to apply to decorate one of our 20 birdhouses in any creative way they want, including adding extra “whatevers” to the simple structure. The finished structure does not have to actually look like a typical birdhouse nor is it intended to house actual birds. It is intended to be displayed indoors, or under a covered porch in good weather, not outdoors.

Applications will be received, first come, first served, until the 20 birdhouses have been assigned. Each house will be dated and numbered on the bottom of the base before being assigned.

The unfinished plywood houses will be available to be delivered or picked up as of Jan. 1, and picked up or returned by Jan. 21 in order to be photographed for the Botanical Garden Website, and ready for the Gala Auction on Jan. 28.

We will not turn down any other works of art that anyone might like to donate for auctioning at the Gala, in fact, would warmly welcome it, but we are not going to be asking for usual donations of art this year.

We hope that you will be inspired by this unusual medium for creativity, and consider putting your talents to work to support the Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden, that is a beautiful gathering place for not only birds, but people from all over the Sunshine Coast and beyond.

If you would like to decorate a birdhouse for this project, please phone Maureen Bodie at 604 886 2481, or 604 809 2329 (mobile) or email her at . Maureen will confirm your application by email.

Tickets to attend the Gala itself are available through the website, or from Maureen Bodie

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