Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Free plan chest to good home, sorry, this is gone now

I have a new plan chest to keep my life drawings in and I have this one I've had for 20 years to get rid of to anyone who wants to come and pick it up in Lower Gibsons. It can lie sideways like above or stand up vertically like below.
There are 5 portfolio folders made of sturdy blue hollowcore plastic, each measures 34.5 inches wide x 26 inches tall and 1 3/4 inches deep and they slide into black wire slots. The grey melamine box measures 43 x 29 inches.

If you're keen to add this to your studio, get in touch by commenting here or contacting me through facebook or the usual smoke signals. This has been a sturdy workhorse through about 7 house moves, and 2 continents!     Update - This is gone now, so don't get excited...

1 comment:

  1. OK, plan chest is gone! Suzy Naylor nailed it in less than an hour by calling me on the phone! Sorry to disappoint anyone who tried to reach me another way. Cheers! http://www.suzynaylor.ca/