Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sechelt life drawing, today's visitor, please come back!

Today at life drawing in Sechelt, we had a keen young man visitor BUT UNFORTUNATELY he dashed away and didn't stay. We would really love to see him come back! He was so keen, he arrived last Tuesday which was one week earlier than our startup after the holidays and when he came today, he apparently felt he could not afford the drop in drawing fee of $15. PLEASE, don't let the fee stand between you and your art passion. We already have the heat cranked up, the models booked, the easels set up and we welcome any one who is keen to draw from the live human form, regardless of what you can afford to pay. If you can't pay the regular amount, you are more than welcome to pay what you can.

Our poor model today was suffering with a cold but he did a lovely job as he has done for the last 20 odd years. Our models alternate each week between male and female and many have been modelling for our group and others for many years. The monthly fee is $40 and the drop in fee is $15, but see notes above if you can't afford that. We try to make new arrivals feel completely welcomed and we'll try to quickly explain how things work, where to find a drawing board if you need one. Hey, we'll even give you some paper and lend you some charcoal or pencils or graphite, whatever it takes to get you going! We have a great location at the Sechelt Art Centre every Tuesday morning with natural light and we really do welcome new members of all ages and abilities... so if anyone knows who this young man was, please let him know that we'd love to see him again and we're very sorry he got off to the wrong start today and felt he couldn't stay. Of course, we'd love to see YOU here too.

We start at 10 am with about 10 minutes of quick one minute poses, then work our way up through 5, 15, 20 minutes until 11:30 when we have a half hour break. People are welcome to make tea in the kitchen and have their own snacks OR come over next door to the Senior's Centre where a nice bowl of homemade soup, sandwich, tea etc can be had for a reasonable price. The final hour has two 30 minute poses. People either stand or sit to draw and easels are provided so you can clip your paper to a drawing board and really go at it with your charcoal, pastels, pencils or whatever you wish to draw with, even an iPad or tablet!

For further information please call Maurice Spira (604) 885-4611 or Nena Braathen (604) 885-2860. 

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