Friday, January 25, 2013

Quilting with Mettle/Metal

2013 Sunshine Coast Quilt Show Classes  with Hilary Rice
Quilting with Mettle/Metal
(Everything you wanted to know about metal appliqué but were afraid to try!)

Friday May 10, 2013
One Days – 6 hours
Maximum participants: 20
Level of Ability: For anyone with an adventurous spirit!

“Ever since I can remember, I have loved copper! I have fond memories of my father doing copper tooling. I even like heavy metal music! And now, here I am using metal in my quilts.”

The definition of “mettle” is to have strength of character… Well, this workshop will definitely require you to be brave! You have heard correctly –everyone gets to use a blowtorch!!

Instruction will be given on the entire how-to’s involved when working with metal as an appliqué accent. First, each student will have the opportunity to anneal their chosen metals. Demos of embossing and colouring will come next, followed by learning how to incorporate your metal creation into an art piece. From there, the sky’s the limit, right?!

This workshop will allow the artistically timid a chance to try something that seemed ‘scary’, under the guidance of an experienced textile artist.

Kit Fee: $15
The early bird cost for the classes is $90.00 for each class and is due by January 26th. After that the cost will be $120.00 for each class. The full amount is due at sign up and it is non refundable! However, you can find a replacement if unable to attend.

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