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Gibsons School of Arts Summer 2014, painting workshops

2014 Workshops 

July 7 - 11 Blu Smith Visual language in abstract

This workshop will focus on developing a visual abstract language and creating a framework to build exciting and expressive abstract works. As in all painting, the basic building blocks are just as important in abstract art. Color, composition, line work, light and texture will all be explored and applied. An emphasis on developing an individual unique approach will be nurtured through experimentation and proven techniques. This course will include group and individual feedback with daily demonstrations and engaging discussions.

July 14-18 Barrie Chadwick Acrylics for those who love it

This 5-day workshop is for people who have tried acrylics and like them, but want to improve their skills in this medium. The first day will start with an outline of the advantages and disadvantages of acrylics and Barrie will demonstrate the points he makes by doing a small painting. He will set up some of his own finished paintings for the class to study in detail, and will explain how the paints and brushes are used to produce the finished effects.

July 28 - Aug 1 Richard Robinson Plein Air landscapes

Join New Zealand artist Richard Robinson for an intensive plein air painting workshop. You'll learn about finding your deep inspiration, orchestrating a scene rather than copying blindly, taking hints from nature, playing with light effects and creating mystery, balancing colour with greys, the art of brushwork and the importance of paint texture, the joy of working alongside other painters, all while painting on location, paying homage to our beautiful planet.

Aug 4 - 8 Jeanne Krabbendam Painting explorations in acrylics & mixed media

This acrylic and mixed media course brings you a wide range of exciting mixed media painting techniques and ideas. This is for everyone who wants to learn in a short time a ton of new techniques. This course is for anybody: people who have never touched a brush, or those who have and want to incorporate mixed media in their art work. The course includes lots of information and hands-on exercises while we will explore paints, textures, glazes, gels, lifting techniques, cheese cloth, transfers, collage, papers and much more!

Aug 11 - 15 Tanya Bone Simplicity in the process of painting the still life

Workshop will be on the beauty of simplicity and color harmony within the process of painting the still life in oils. Students will be taught how simple objects are made transcendent by exquisite stagecraft and technique from the inception of an idea to the completion of a painting. Students will paint from their own set ups. We will approach our paintings alla prima in a painterly manner, shedding the linear approach and centering our attention on form. Students will study the process of developing their paintings by utilizing and learning how to emphasize and build upon their own concept, in a step by step approach including: evaluating inspiration, selection of subject matter, set-up and design, lighting and composition, value, harmonious color and temperature.

Aug 25 - 29 Greta Guzek Bold Colour, Strong Design

In this workshop students will be encouraged to experiment with bold colour relationships and strong design. This is intended to be a stress-free pleasure in learning and advancing your painting skills. The first two days will start with a demonstration followed by a painting exercise. The next three days will be dedicated towards finishing a painting or two, applying the principles learned. Each day will end with a group discussion.

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