Sunday, March 2, 2014

Wordpress vs Blogger

Hi folks,
As you can see, we've lost many lovely images that used to appear here. At some point in the future, I might change the Sunshine Coast Artists website over to a wordpress platform and then the blog will be incorporated right into it.

BUT! This won't happen for awhile as I am more invested in my Figurative Artist website and my own personal artwork, and changing my personal website over to wordpress. I also put a lot of volunteer time into supporting the GPAG Board in several capacities including helping Topshelf Creative with a new site redesign.

I know this blog is withering on the vine and these are the reasons why. We'll see what comes of it as 2014 rolls along...

Have a wonderful year everyone! I'm busy at work in oils and in water media on a series from the Nutcracker ballet put on in Sechelt each year. My art juices are flowing in my own studio and I sincerely hope yours are too.

Your art pal on the Coast-
XXX Paula


  1. Oh no! Missing images! Phooey. Well, I love this lone image which has survived the slaughter. Wow, the vibrancy and energy! It's jumping alive! Great fun.

    1. Thanks Bella. I'm so busy with my other sites that I haven't got time to go and dig these old ones out. Blogger stinks, long live Wordpress!!! Cheers!